Global Auto-pool System
The Most Advanced Team Building Platform

The solution to the problem of recruiting/referring in smart contract programs has arrived with the best technological approach. Team Blaze has come up with an unbeatable strategy to team building in smart contract programs. This is the solution you have been waiting for!
We have a very secured system that can never be compromised by any entity, hence the risk is approximately zero.
We adopt the most advanced recruiting approach which avert the delay in getting down-lines/referrals whatsoever! Our recruiting system flies flawlessly like jet.
No delay in getting down-lines whatsoever! We have a proven system that executes all functions with the speed of light. Get involved and announce our solution to the world!
No team member will be isolated, we work in unison like one indivisible family and every member is entitled to all the juicy benefits without any sided favouritism.
Members will keep earning daily as new members join us daily with the consistent recycling & upgrade of old members. The system can never crash because of our unique approach towards sustainability
Despite the fact that there are no admins, we act as one family and resolve the issues of any team member without delay. We are all dedicated to this selfless service without any form of prejudice.
You can be part of our team irrespective of your country, colour, religious belief and other differences. We are a global family and we will be happy to have you among us
Every process of our recruiting system is made public without any hidden agenda. Everyone can see the process of the global auto-pool and how team members are well arranged in a 3×3 forced matrix pattern.This guarantees the integrity of our operation.
How Our System Works?

Our system is controlled by a time-based artificial intelligence. It distributes referrals based on first come, first served


The FAQs

We are a group of global independent partners in the crypto world, with a scientific approach to team building and income generation for our members. Our automated system of recruiting and allocating downlines has placed us on the world map from whence we draw our membership through carefully targeted adverts. Our system guarantees the torrent of Spillovers and overflows. Our team's selling point is the advanced recruitment mechanism, transparency and speed of operation. We are certainly the best, else the crypto word does not exist.
When Was Team Blaze Launched?
The world's first auto downline generator and distributor(team blaze) would be launching on 5th September, 2020
Who Are The Brains Behind Team Blaze?
Team blaze is a brainchild of experienced networkers around the globe synergizing to make a remarkable difference for smart contract earners,
What Are The Benefits Of Partnering With Team Blaze?

👉A ready solution to referral hassle
👉Benefit of growing your income speedily
👉Cementing ties with global leaders
👉Direct opportunity to tap from the wealth of knowledge of global leaders
👉Speed and Transparency
👉Rapid spillovers/overflows
👉Unlimited earnings for members
👉Best Support System
👉100% Team Work
👉 Sustainability
What Are Cryptocurrencies?
Crypto currencies are digital or virtual currencies that has the value of money. Cryptocurrencies can be bought and stored in wallets same way we keep our money in the bank. These wallets can be linked up with your actual bank account in case you desire to convert and withdraw your cryptocurrency in form of fiat money.
What Is Tron?
Tron is a fast rising crypto currency with which we can perform major online transactions.
How Can I Earn Big From Supersage?
You can earn big on Supersage by partnering with a team like ours, with a global broad base and an automated system for recruitment and placement of downlines.
Can I Earn If I Can't Refer People To The Business?
Absolutely yes! Our system was specially built to carter and change the narrative for those who can not withstand the hassles of recruitmemt through an automated team work arrangement that will suit your interest.
What Happens When People Stop Joining The Team?
We will encourage recycling among members and intensify publicity to reach a wider audience. Basically, the team will continue running for a long time with our unbeatable automated approach.
What Happens When The Downline Merged To Me Fails To Sign Up Under Me?
The system will automatically remove the user and re-assign another serious team member to you.
What If My Upline Fails To Approve My Membership?
The system will auto-approve your membership request at the expiration of 24 hours.
How Can I Register On The Team To Book My Position?
To register, simply click on the sign up button and enter all required information correctly.
I have joined the team. What should I do next?
Endeavour to join any or all of our social media platforms for first hand update.
Do levels have a validity period?
No. Purchasing any level in the program occurs one time and lasts forever. Levels do not have a validity period. This distinguishes the Forsage platform from other projects, which require repeated payments.
What is Repeat (re-opening)?
If there are no free places left on a level, then the next partner gets a place in an automatically created matrix of the same level. This is called Repeat. The partner who took the last place pays for the new matrix, and the amount goes to a higher-ranked partner. This process is entirely automated by the smart contract.
What are \Overflows\" and \"Overtakes\"?"
Overflows are when free places in your platforms are taken by partners whom you yourself didn’t invite. They can come from a higher-ranked or lower-ranked partners.
An overtake is a situation when one of your partners hasn’t reached the level that their partner is activating, and thus the transaction is sent along the chain to you, on the condition that you have this level active. This partner follows you and provides you income, as long as their higher-ranked partner has not activated the missing levels.
Can I lose partner whom I have personally invited?
No. It is not possible.Any partner whom you have invited personally is permanently bound to you by the referral link.
Why am I seeing a partner in x4, but nothing is coming into my wallet?
This can happen in two situations:
- your partner ended up in the first line of the x4 matrix and your higher-ranked partner received the transaction, while your own income is formed from partners in the second line. You will also receive income from the activity of your partners when they fill their first lines in x4.
- your partner has taken the last place in a x3 or x4 matrix and his/her transaction paid for your new platform. The money went to your higher-ranked partner. You will also receive income from your partners’ Repeats.
How does this differ from a pyramid scheme?
Because it does not make any unfulfillable promises to its members. Each person’s success depends on themselves. Forsage will remain stable even if it increases in size a thousandfold. Forsage does not create debts or other obligations.
Forsage is a next-gen crowdfunding platform and has nothing to do with pyramid schemes. The principle of a pyramid scheme is that a large portion of the money is concentrated in the hands of its creators. The earlier you arrive, the more you earn. A pyramid scheme can be closed at any time. Members of the Forsage platform, both leaders and newcomers, are on equal terms. No one can terminate the platform’s operation, since its functionality is ensured by a smart contract, which cannot be erased or altered. Even if the website ceases to function, all the data and the entire structure will remain intact, and the smart contract will continue to function, as long as there is electricity and internet access.
What are the risks?
There are no risks on the Forsage platform. You just need to invite one person to recoup your initial membership expense. The platform works on the basis of a smart contract in a blockchain system. The code for the smart contract is in the public domain.
All transfers go straight to your personal wallet, without any hidden commissions and without using any third-party resources. This guarantees that any amount that you earn belongs to you and you alone, and you can use the money as you like as soon as it arrives in your wallet.